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Careerhub.Edu Educational consultancy provides step by step guidance to students not only for studying in India but abroad as well. Careerhub.Edu supports students right from the beginning by choosing the best university as per the student's desired course and other specification; to full assistance with visa approval and air-port pick and other necessary help needed while staying in a foreign country.

Careerhub. Edu has partnered with more than 100 Colleges and Universities in Canada, UK, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, South America, Australia etc for different areas of study. Careerhub.Edu provides admission guidance for studying abroad in the fields of Medical, Dentistry, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Aviation, Animation, Film and Media production and many more.

Students may be eligible for a discount on application fee or can avail scholarships* under different categories.* ( T&C-subject to approval by the Institution.) .

Careerhub.Edu Services also provides assistance for studying in schools internationally ( mostly in Canada) starting from Grade 8th onwards leading to an enrollment in the reputed international Universities. Careerhub.Edu Educational Consultancy offers an International Student Services office to provide support to students with academic or immigration concerns and organizes information sessions and activities on regular basis to help students' in transition to a foreign country.

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Our team of counsellors at Careerhub.Edu educational consultancy undertand all the concerns which come up in students' and their parents' minds while choosing to study abroad. Our expert counsellors listen patiently to all the concerns and guide them in the best possible manner , detailing them about each and every step of the application process to finally reaching in the foreign country safely with all the requisite documents and necessities.

Careerhub.Edu strives towards giving the best guidance for a promising and secure future to all its students. It strongly believes in providing best support to earn the satisfaction of its students. And that’s the reason, why our International Advisors are always equipped with the latest information regarding study abroad rules and regulations to help the students in the best possible way.

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