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Careerhub.edu, with Dimensions

Applying and obtaining education loans. We arrange full assistance for educational loans. We also assist our applicants with the entire procedure, starting from application, to required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of bank.

Pursue full information about the examinations. We support training for the tests, which helps students to secure high scores making sure that the test scores are up to the mark as they are fundamentals for admission in universities and colleges.

Assistance in finding good accommodation. We assist students in finding good accommodation and give all possible help with making a suitable choice.

Post landing services. Most of the institutions represented by us offer post landing services like airport and railway station pick up, accommodation, food, transportation etc. when the student lands.

Careerhub.edu, with Standard

We give a regular follow up to ensure positive & quick response of our services and special care is taken in regard to the formalities and entry requirements from admission till visa process. In this vast array of options available to students from foreign institutions we stay knowledgeable by communicating the bodies via e-mail, telephone and post on a regular basis to remain current on the demands, offerings and services. 

Careerhub.edu, As Career Counselor

As studying abroad holds a whole new world in itself with a blend of what to study and where to study. Our counselors are trained to correlate and give proper and consistent advice keeping in mind the demand of the today’s fast evolving economy. Our priority is to ensure that our suggested career options are up to date and in accordance with the contemporary industry requirements. 

Careerhub.edu, As a Catalyst

Careerhub.Edu Consultant has proved to be a catalyst of excellence for the students. The process of preparing for higher education is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Universities and colleges unfortunately, are often unable to provide much individualized attention to prospective students regarding professional education abroad. Having understood the difficulties of prospective students in INDIA we help them find the most appropriate educational setting based on individual needs — including his or her academic strengths, learning differences, emotional or behavioral needs, geographic location, personal interests, special talents and other factors. 

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