Are you asking yourself how on earth your family can afford college? Merit scholarships can be part of the answer! They may be related to academics, but what they all have in common is that certain criteria be met, such as an accomplishment or completion of a task. Merit scholarships aren’t based on financial need. Start searching for and working toward these scholarships now.

Scholarships Based on Who You Are

Worried your child doesn’t have the academics or talents to earn merit scholarships? Amazingly, some scholarships require only that your child have a specific quality. When we searched for scholarships. There are also specific scholarships for students going into various fields, for example, nursing or engineering & more.

Scholarships Based on How You Stack Up

Colleges often award merit scholarships to outstanding students who apply each year. Your child will have more of a chance to be awarded scholarships like these if you “aim low.” If you need scholarships in order to afford college, have your child apply to a school where they will be the most qualified applicant that college will see this year, a place your child will shine in comparison to other applicants. Check out the college’s average applicant and make sure your child exceeds them.

Scholarships Based on Degree or Major

If your child is good at a specific subject, such as math or science, they might be able to earn great scholarships by aiming for a demanding degree, such as engineering. Oftentimes, majors such as engineering will come with a chance at better scholarships than liberal arts majors. Applying to science, technology, engineering, or math can often increase your child’s chances at gaining financial aid.

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