List of Medical Colleges

Education Career
College Name Location State
AlluriSitaramRaju Academy of Medical ScienceEluruAndhra Pradesh
Andhra Medical CollegeVISAKHAPATNAMAndhra Pradesh
Bhaskar Medical College, YenkapallyMOINBADAndhra Pradesh
Deccan College of Medical ScienceHYDERABADAndhra Pradesh
Dr N T R University Of Health SciencesVIJAYAWADAAndhra Pradesh
G.S.L Medical CollegeRAJAHMUNDRYAndhra Pradesh
Gandhi Medical CollegeHYDERABADAndhra Pradesh
Guntur Medical CollegeGUNTURAndhra Pradesh
KakatiyaMedicalcollegeWARANGALAndhra Pradesh
Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, NarketpallyNALGONDAAndhra Pradesh
Katuri Medical CollegeGUNTURAndhra Pradesh
Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research FoundationAMALAPURAMAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool Medical CollegeKURNOOLAndhra Pradesh
M.N.R Medical CollegeSANGAREDDYAndhra Pradesh
Maharajah Institute of Medical SciencesVISAKHAPATNAMAndhra Pradesh
Mamata Medical CollegeKHAMMAMAndhra Pradesh
Medicity Institute of Medical Sciences, GhanpurRANGAREDDYAndhra Pradesh
N.R.I Medical CollegeGUNTURAndhra Pradesh
Narayana Medical CollegeNELLOREAndhra Pradesh
Osmania Medical CollegeHYDERABADAndhra Pradesh
P E S Institute Of Medical Sciences and ResearchKUPPAMAndhra Pradesh
P.S.I Medical College, ChinoutpalliKRISHNAAndhra Pradesh
Prathima Institute Of Medical SciencesKARIMNAGARAndhra Pradesh
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical ScienceADILABADAndhra Pradesh
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical ScienceCUDDAPAHAndhra Pradesh
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical ScienceSRIKAKULAMAndhra Pradesh
Rangaraya Medical CollegeKAKINADAAndhra Pradesh
S.V. Medical CollegeTIRUPATIAndhra Pradesh
S.V.S Medical CollegeMAHABUBNAGARAndhra Pradesh
Sadan Institute of Medical SciencesResearch Centre And Teaching Hospital HYDERABADAndhra Pradesh
Santhiram Medical CollegeNANDYALAndhra Pradesh
Siddhartha Medical College, VijayawadaKESAMUDRAMAndhra Pradesh
Siddhartha Medical CollegeVIJAYAWADAAndhra Pradesh
Vardhman Medical College / ChalmedaAnandRao Institute of Medical SciencesKARIMNAGARAndhra Pradesh

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